I’m a 20-something millenial with a severe case of wanderlust (I know, I know… who isn’t?)

I spent five years in university and obtained a Bachelor’s degree that I don’t use. I worked a casual retail job during my studies, racked up more student loan debt thanks to overseas study tours and spent far too much time sleeping on airport floors of low-cost carrier terminals.

At age 23, on a flight home from Tokyo, I was inspired by an article in an in-flight magazine about a girl who aimed to visit 25 countries before she was 25. She had just turned 23, had 15 countries under her belt and just under two years to complete her goal. It occurred to me that I was in the same boat – 15 countries down, one more coming up and 22 months to achieve the same goal. Thirty days before my 25th birthday, I landed in my 25th country.

I currently work full time in the same mediocre job that saw me through my studies. I still dream about trekking from country to country. I enjoy smashed avocado on toast, Zambrero (pulled pork burritos with sour cream, yes please!) and collecting pointless materialistic objects.

Basically, I am in no way the successful, entrepreneurial property mogul that everyone expects someone of my age to be. I’m not accomplished in the ‘traditional’ sense. But, I am a wanderer at heart, fueled by adventure, curiosity and a love of all things new. I am every other lost millenial who is yet to find their direction in this world.

Join me on my adventures.


Victoria x