Should I book a trip during a pandemic?

COVID-19 has left all of us with a lingering sense of nostalgia for those days when you could book a trip and know you actually get to go. For those with spontaneous tendencies, packing up your suitcase and travelling at the drop of a hat is no longer an option. As domestic and international borders begin opening up, you may be asking yourself, “should I book a trip during a pandemic?” Read on for a few reasons as to why you should absolutely book your next trip now.



Flights are cheap

This isn’t applicable to all airlines, destinations or dates, but there are some pretty good deals to be found, particularly with airlines trying to get back on their feet. For example, Jetstar’s $22 flight sale to reboot domestic travel in 2022, or Qantas’ $20 sale fares between Victoria and NSW as the states prepare to reopen their border. If you’re not feeling overly confident, some airlines offer the flexibility of changes, credit vouchers or refunds, often for a fee that’s payable when booking your flight – always read the fine print. If, however, you prefer to dive in head-first, $20 isn’t a huge loss in the event that you’re unable to make your flight – but it is the equivalent of one smashed avo, so choose wisely.


Plenty of time to plan

As much as we’ve all missed travelling, it’s unlikely that travel will snap back to how it was circa 2019. There are still a few challenges facing travellers: expired passports, vaccine and quarantine requirements border restrictions, securing time off work. It will take a bit of time and research to figure out what’s required for your destination, and these requirements are constantly changing. Planning early can give you enough time to get back into the swing of things (how do you book flights, again?) and navigate any hurdles that may arise.


Stimulate the economy

The travel industry was one of the most hardest hit during the pandemic, with an estimated $935 billion lost globally. Airlines, accommodation providers and local tour operators all suffered, as did many attractions, transport options and cafes that relied on tourism. Booking a trip now can provide much needed stimulation to the travel sector, and you don’t have to go far, either. Planning a staycation nearby or heading out to a regional town for the weekend can provide a welcome boost to many businesses that have been doing it tough.


You’ll have something to look forward to

If you’re the type that thrives on having something to look forward to, you’re not alone. Anticipation is a powerful motivator, and there are proven psychological benefits to knowing that something good is heading your way. Whether you’re booking a flight to see a loved one, jetting off on your bucket list trip of a lifetime or simply want to get away and relax, having a plan in place can certainly make it easier to navigate pandemic fatigue.

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